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Profound Inner Experiences

Many people struggle to articulate their emotions and inner experiences, especially when it comes to abstract or metaphysical aspects. Words often fail to encapsulate the depth and essence of these experiences. These workshops sought to address this challenge by offering an alternative, more authentic form of expression through experimental film. It also harnessed them around the experimentation of “play” by exploring different ways to “capture essence” and recreate it by playing - with water, inks, paints, sugar and different materials for example. This fostered a sense of innocent curiosity to work from, when usually such topics are overwhelming and extremely heavy, making participants unable to engage.

The workshops involved discussions about “inner and outer worlds”, understanding, exploring and expressing abstraction, and the limitations of words in expressing profound inner experiences. Participants discovered a shared metaphysical space, "The Abyss," which they mapped the journey into and out from collectively. They captured the essence of their experiences by filming reflections of their inner worlds in the outer physical world; finding the right textures, materials, movements and colours etc. Dawn then refined these samples, transitions, and expressions to create the final piece which was presented in a private screening to the group for sign off before public release.

Exploring, Understanding & Expressing ABSTRACTION


"This film really does explain how I feel inwardly.
I can’t express it in words - how I feel inwardly - but this film does, and it feels more accurate than any words I could ever say"

"We explored emotions without having to get into them. Made them accessible and less exhausting. It felt easier"

"It’s been amazing"

"I feel like I’ve finally been seen"

"What we’ve made is exactly how I feel on the inside that I can’t express in words"

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