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Alchemical symbol for the sun, representing consciousness expansion and Alchemical Gold
Alchemical symbol for the sun, representing consciousness expansion and Alchemical Gold

From the Black Sun to Lumina Natura

"From the Black Sun to Lumina Natura," a film by Dawn Eva Berry, offers a personal invitation to embark on a journey of self-exploration and transformation. Navigating through the intricate symbolism of esoteric and alchemical tradition, Berry endeavours to capture the profound journey from darkness to light, fragmentation to wholeness.

The film begins with the powerful symbolism of the "Black Sun"—an icon of chaos, darkness, and the raw material for transformation. Berry presents a narrative infused with themes of trauma, loss, and confrontation with the shadow self. Through this, she hopes to portray the willingness to dive into the less-travelled path, to face the "Dark Night of the Soul," and to confront the raw material of one's self—the alchemical nigredo.

As the film progresses, Berry gently guides the narrative towards the transcendent "Lumina Natura," or the "Light of Nature." She aspires to illustrate this light not as mere physical gold, but as the gold of the alchemists—metaphorical of spiritual enlightenment and the wisdom inherent in all things. Will you find your own light mirrored in these scenes, or will you discover a new understanding of your own divine spark?

Berry hints at a unifying threadexistence by incorporating elements of the "Anima Mundi," or World Soul underlying all. The interconnectedness and unity of all things are touched upon, creating a sense of wholeness and belonging. Will this resonate with your understanding of the world, or will it challenge you to see the world from a fresh perspective?

Influenced by Kabbalistic principles and concepts like the flow of divine knowledge from right to left, Berry crafts an engaging structure that reflects the progression from disarray to harmony. Soundscapes offer a sonic representation of the emotional journey, and found visuals in nature serve to enhance the narrative.


The film also leans into Jack Spicer's "Phenomenology of Meaning," inviting a deeper engagement with language and seeing poetry as a form of magic. Will you find echoes of your own experiences in these moments, or will they provoke new reflections?

In "From the Black Sun to Lumina Natura," Berry invites you, the viewer, to interpret, receive, and confront your own journey through these mystical landscapes. She carefully crafts each frame, each sound, not as definitive statements, but as questions waiting to be explored. It is ultimately a shared journey—her vision unfolding on the screen, your interpretation shaping the experience. So, what will you find as you journey from the Black Sun to the Lumina Natura?



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