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Alchemical symbol for the sun, representing consciousness expansion and Alchemical Gold
Alchemical symbol for the sun, representing consciousness expansion and Alchemical Gold

From the Black Sun

to Lumina Natura

"From the Black Sun to Lumina Natura," by Dawn Eva is an immersive journey through a living, breathing landscape of transformation. It begins in the realm of the "Black Sun," where the air is thick with the weight of chaos and darkness. Here, shadows move and shift, embodying the raw material of alchemical nigredo. This is a place of deep introspection, where the essence of trauma and loss feels almost tangible, urging a confrontation with the shadow self.

As the journey progresses, a subtle yet powerful shift begins. The darkness of the Black Sun slowly gives way to the emergence of the "Lumina Natura." This light feels like the first rays of dawn breaking through a long night, casting a warm, golden glow over everything it touches. It is not just seen but felt, permeating the atmosphere with a sense of renewal and enlightenment. The landscape transforms, blossoming into a vision of spiritual gold and inherent wisdom, guiding the journey from fragmentation to wholeness.

The interconnectedness of all things becomes apparent as the presence of the "Anima Mundi" weaves through the scenery. This World Soul breathes life into the environment, creating a tapestry of existence that feels both intimately personal and universally expansive. Every element of the journey resonates with a sense of unity and belonging, as if the landscape itself is whispering ancient secrets and inviting deeper contemplation.

Throughout this odyssey, the influence of Kabbalistic principles can be sensed, like an invisible current of divine knowledge flowing through the narrative. The journey from chaos to harmony is mirrored in the evolving soundscapes and natural vistas, which seem to pulse with an inner rhythm. The sounds resonate deeply, echoing the emotional shifts, while the visuals capture the fleeting beauty and mystery of nature, enhancing the sense of a shared journey.

Jack Spicer's "Phenomenology of Meaning" adds another layer to this living landscape, with the film speaking in poetic whispers and enigmatic echoes. Language becomes a magical element, enriching the journey with moments of profound reflection and new insights.

"From the Black Sun to Lumina Natura" is not just a film; it is a living journey through mystical landscapes and profound symbolism. Each frame and sound feels like a step on an uncharted path, an exploration of the depths and heights of the soul. Dawn Eva Berry's vision unfolds like a dream, inviting you to lose yourself in this meditative odyssey, where the boundaries between states of being dissolve, and every moment becomes an opportunity for transformation and discovery in the unity of ever unfolding existence.



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