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Inner Worlds - Outer Worlds
2023 - Commissioned by Survivors Unite

A series of Audio/Visual Alchemical Workshops exploring the abstract, metaphysical inner world and its expression and manifestation into the tangible, outer, physical world.

IMG_2485 4.jpg

2021 - Conversations with a Forest

Exploring the beauty of darkness through mysticism and magick on experiences of mind, body, emotion, spirit and soul. 

The shining potential of darkness held within our inner alchemical Black Sun that if willingly sunk into, transmutes into connection with Lumina Natura.

A cypher or sigil created by Dawn representing the joining of the black sun to lumina natura, or dark to light, or from nothing to everything

2018 - Alchemy Film Festival

Searching for deeper connection and meaningful purpose in life & the world around us amidst the struggle to find balance between ego and soul  

An intimate picture of a woman's lips and lower face, taken from the film "connect"

Electron Mass

A creative music project exploring love, loss, life and death, the mind, the earth, the universe and everything!

the logo for "electron mass"


"Soul Searching" is a research project undertaken to create an Alchemical, experimental film that invites viewers to embark on an open-eyed meditation to explore the mysteries of the soul and the interconnectedness of all things.
A VACMA Awarded Project.


No Words
2021 - Queer Borders Film Festival

A film project exploring perception, truth, and the relationship between the outer and inner worlds of public identity and selfhood. Premiered at The Queer Borders Film Festival 2021.

Screenshot 2022-02-09 at 17.51_edited.jpg


ELEMENTS attempts to reclaim what was lost through trauma and reconnect mind, body and spirit through experimental music and moving image which is inspired by nature, alchemy, spiritual rituals, beliefs and Witchcraft.

symbolic, iconic text spelling "elements" in a runic fashion


More on Dawn Eva's background in music, her works and ongoing Audio Alchemy.

A black and white photograph of Dawn Eva, uncovering the veil of mystery and magic
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