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With 6 years of experience as a professional musician for the Royal Marines Band Service, Dawn was the solo clarinet player for The Royal Marines Band Scotland, playing internationally.


Leading the woodwind section and playing solos at high-profile engagements worldwide, such as the Mountbatten Festival of Music at the Royal Albert Hall, The Horse Guards Parade in London, The Edinburgh Military Tattoo and other celebrity charity fundraisers and Royal engagements, public and private, around the world. 


Here’s a backstage recording from 2004 of Dawn playing

"Concerto for Clarinet" by Artie Shaw:

Alchemical symbol for the sun, representing consciousness expansion and Alchemical Gold


Dawn continued her musical practice, working on composing music and playing and singing for her own works as well as for local bands, and as part of the collective, "Electron Mass" and "Of Human Bonding".


You can listen to Dawn singing “Don’t Go” below:

Dawn also designs and delivers creative music workshops - Read about WORKSHOPS HERE.

Dawn is a member of the MUSICIANS UNION and is available to hire as a session musician. If you would like to work with Dawn please contact her HERE.

The main focus of Dawn's current work is on creating music as a mystical tool for experiential reflection.


You can find some of these works in the SHOP, or below:

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